Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Oil Developer 12% 40 Vol.


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12% 40 Vol.

Specially developed high-performing IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer provides perfect long-lasting colour results and superb shine. Precious developer with increased oil content for improved hair care. 

  • For colouring up to 2-3 levels lighter with the Color of Rhapsody, Harmony, Lust, Perfection and Serenity. 
  • For lightening 3-4 levels with 10- series. 
  • Recommended application for 10- series: natural base 7-0 and lighter. 
  • For lightening 4-5 levels with 12- series. 
  • Recommended application for 12- series: natural base 6-0 and lighter.


Contains hydrogen peroxide (12% = 40 Vol.). Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eye immediately if product comes into contact with them. Wear suitable gloves. Keep out of reach of children. Follow the instructions for use carefully. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. For professional use only.