It's A 10 Miracle Styling Cream

It's A 10

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Highlight hair’s beauty with a soft, flexible style that your friends will think is just your hair’s natural state. It’s a 10 makes it possible with our Miracle Styling Cream. Our Miracle Styling Cream delivers bouncy shine and perfectly sealed ends to straight styles and can help define curls and waves with smooth, silky texture.

  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty free


Sunflower Seed Extract – Natural sunscreen that guards against dryness and color fading or brassiness.

Panthenol – A highly effective strengthener.

Noni Fruit Oil – Nourishes, moisturizes and repairs damage to the hair shaft while also improving elasticity.

Chamomile Extract – Gentle, soothing conditioner for the hair and scalp.

Green Tea Extract – Supports long, healthy hair growth by soothing the scalp and smoothing distressed hair.

Acai Extract – Improves tensile strength and shine.


Use a dime- to quarter-sized amount on wet or damp hair. Coat palms and work evenly through strands, focusing mainly on lengths and ends. For curly or wavy styles, wrap curls around fingers or gently scrunch waves then allow to air dry or use a diffuser. To get maximum shine from straight styles, allow hair to partially air dry before using any heat styling tools or blow dryer.