DS Laboratories Spectral.RS Hair Stimulating Serum

DS Laboratories

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  • Best for most women because it is formulated to stimulate hair follicles on scalps with generalized thinning, as opposed to those with male pattern baldness
  • Effective for many men as well, since it is not simply one chemical, like mass-market products, rather it is an arsenal of ingredients arrayed against hair shedding

Spectral.RS preserves hair by:

1. Preventing perifollicular fibrosis, a condition in which collagen at the roots becomes rigid and pushes hair strands out.

2. Inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

3. Improving blood supply by removing excess sebum that accumulates in hair follicles.

4. Shocking follicles back into anagen growth phase.

5. Supporting the overall health and condition of scalp.

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  • Adenosine for energy transfer in follicles 
  • Aminexil® to strengthen roots
  • Polyphenol from Malus domestica extract 
  • Copper-peptide technology to stimulate growth
  • Retinol to improve absorption of key compounds 
  • Citrulline to supplement amino-acid deficiency 

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  • Spectral.RS® is a clear, orange-colored solution to be used for external applications only
  • Apply 14 or more sprays of Spectral.RS® two or more times per day to the scalp and rub in