DS Laboratories Spectral.CSF - Hair Stimulating Treatment for Women

DS Laboratories

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  • Women concerned about thin, fragile hair treat with Spectral.CSF because the anti-aging formula stimulates follicles aggressively while remaining light to avoid heavy buildup
  • Without extraneous ingredients targeted to men, this new formulation for women results from extensive research at DS Laboratories into the complex biology of female pattern thinning
  • Factors unique to women include follicular bulb size, hormonal fluctuations, skin sensitivity, and styling practices
This high-performance formula:
  1. Deploys plant stem cells and the key compounds Aminexil, adenosine, EUK-134, and octapeptide-2
  2. Improves chemical signaling between cells and scalp
  3. Optimizes expression of key enzymes
  4. Supports follicle health with critical nutrients
  5. Stays light on the hair and gentle on the scalp


  • Aminexil® to strengthen roots
  • Adenosine for energy transfer in follicles
  • Stem cells to support follicle regeneration

For more details on the ingredients, Click Here


  • Twice per day, apply 10 pumps with the sprayer or 1 ml with the dropper
  • Apply product directly in the area of thinning
  • Rub the liquid evenly over the entire area and wash hands with soap and water immediately after use
  • Do not rinse
  • Spectral.CSF should be applied whether hair has been washed or not